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    All Night Records

    Community is out next week!
    November 4th!

    Oct 29th 3:02pm • No Comments

    New O&A Chart action... http://www.beatport.com/charts/o-and-a-october-2014-bar-a-thym-chart/307410

    O&A - October 2014 'Bar A Thym' Chart :: O&A


    Here's the latest O&A chart of floor killing bombs featuring their recent O&A remix of Kerri Chandler's classic 'Bar A Thym'

    Oct 9th 5:51pm • No Comments

    The O&A Remix of Kerri Chandler 'Bar A Thym' came out on Beatport today. Check it!

    Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym (O&A Remix) [Nite Grooves]


    Bar A Thym (O&A Remix) [Nite Grooves] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.

    Oct 6th 6:14pm • No Comments

    All Night Records shared Christian Nielsen / Official's photo.

    Timeline Photos

    This Saturday 4th October at Watergate, Berlin!!! #community doooooope

    Christian Nielsen / Official

    Oct 1st 6:10am • No Comments

    What do ALL THESE BAD ASS DJ'S have in common?

    Reboot, Josh Wink, Oliver $, D.O.P., Phil Weeks, Jesse Rose, Monika Kruse, Zombie Disco Squad, Claptone, Fish Go Deep, Simon Baker, Rainer Trueby, Tom Novy, Magik Johnson, Smokin Jo, Laurent Garnier, Round Table Knights, David Pher, Rodriguez Jr, Gorge, Sasse, Ray Okpara, Stacey Pullen, Kruse & Nuernberg, Roger Sanchez, Mihalis Safras, Sei A, Mihai Popoviciu, Funk D'Void, Moodymanc, Florian Kruse, Slam, Paolo Mojo, George Morel, Joyce Muniz, DJ Mes, Nick Holder, Karotte, ManooZ, Michel De Hey, ATFC, Steve Rachmad, Johnny Fiasco, Worthy, Lauhaus, David Keno.

    They are all playing and giving mad love to our O&A Remix of Kerri Chandler's 'Bar A Thym'.... check out the soundcloud clip here :)


    Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym (O&A Remix) [Nite Grooves] CLIP 96kbps

    The A&R's at King Street / Nite Grooves were suitably impressed with our O&A output this past few years, so we were asked to remix an all out classic and personal favorite, Kerri Chandler's 'Bar A Thy

    Aug 29th 5:15pm • No Comments

    O&A Date: O&A All Night, The Bulls Head Birmingham United Kingdom, Sat 26 Jul @ 21:00 http://bullsheadmoseley.co.uk/event-listings/event/?eventID=10032505

    Jul 26th 11:02am • No Comments

    O&A Date: Global Gathering, Long Marston Airfield Stratford Upon Avon United Kingdom, Fri 25 Jul http://www.globalgathering.com

    Jul 25th 11:02am • No Comments

    New Gigs in Birmingham, Stratford Upon Avon, http://gigs.gigatools.com/u/louiso

    Jul 16th 7:59am • No Comments

    FRIDAY NIGHT IN? Need some tunes??? Well here's our O&A 'All Night Podcast 001'. Expect them monthly from now on. Deep jackin house vibes as usual, including plenty of our own Trax. Tracklist on the Soundcloud.... Best taken LOUD. Enjoy

    O&A - All Night Podcast 001 [June 2014]

    Here's the first of our O&A 'All Night Podcasts'... Play LOUD & enjoy.... PM us for T-List if you want it ;)

    Jun 20th 7:52pm • No Comments

    Nice to see Wally Lopez charting our last release :)



    Enjoy the new tracks of Factomania Group and friendly labels!!

    May 13th 3:37pm • No Comments

    LA kids..... Tonight is the last in the series of Play It Down LA parties at Complex, All Night Records very own O&A are playing at 11pm, so arrive early to get down!

    Apr 24th 1:44am • No Comments

    We have a new O&A release out this week on our label All Night Records. It's been getting great support from Oliver $, Breach, Catz N Dogz, ZDS, Riva Starr, Jesse Rose, Round Table Knights to name a few.... You can check it out and buy it here :)



    Apr 11th 8:16pm • No Comments

    New O&A chart up on Beatport featuring the latest All Night Records release.

    O&A - Your Body Chart :: O&A


    Here's O&A's latest chart in support of their latest release 'Your Body EP' on their own All Night Records.

    Apr 11th 4:12pm • No Comments

    FREE TRACK TO DOWNLOAD: We are giving away one of our O&A tracks on our label from last year. Please feel free to download the Extended Dub of our first release on All Night Records, 'O&A - Shake It' which was supported by Josh Wink, Jesse Rose, Carl Cox, Gel Abril, Martin Landsky, Stacey Pullen, Zombie Disco Squad and loads more players. Get it here:

    FREE DOWNLOAD - O&A - Shake It (Extended Dub Mix) [ALL NIGHT RECORDS]

    O&A's Upcoming Gigs (...

    Apr 11th 1:28pm • No Comments

    Check out the new O&A release on label All Night Records that drops on Monday. We don't really need to BIG IT UP as these BADASS MOFO's have already done that for us:

    Riva Starr - YOOO! lovin it thx 4/5
    Nat Self / ZDS - lovely stuff xx 4/5
    Oliver $ - Dope! loving it! playing it!
    Breach / Ben Westbeech - Really like Feel the rhythm! 5/5
    Catz n Dogz - Feel the Rhythym I like and will play thanks 3/5
    Round Table Knights - Super dope! 4/5
    Brett Johnson - Superb!!! Been waiting for a return on this label!! Wavs please! 5/5
    Martin Landsky - your body for me here all the way...very jackin... 5/5
    Lauhaus - digging "your body", nice buggy/traffic signs vibe 5/5
    Slam - cool trax - will spin - thanks 4/5
    Mihalis Safras - loving this release! please keep em coming! 4/5
    Ray Okpara - nice ep!!!! 5/5
    Smokin Jo - cool shit! 5/5
    Gel Abril - feel the rhythm for my early sets nice! 4/5
    Josh Wink - good jackin house jams! 3/5
    Lee Van Dowski - Your Body rocks....thanks, will play!!! 4/5


    O&A - Your Body EP [All Night Records] ANR003 - OUT MONDAY 7TH APRIL

    Here's our next O&A release on our own All Night Records that drops on Monday 7th April. Just take a look at the feedback.... The proof is in t...

    Apr 4th 11:28am • No Comments

    After having to keep this remix of ours under wraps for a couple of months, we can now UNLEASH THE BEAST!!! So here's our 'O&A Warehouse Remix' of Jesse Rose & Brillstein's 'Good Wife' which was released today on Play It Down. This one goes ALL NIGHT:)

    Jesse Rose & Brillstein - Good Wife (O&A Warehouse Remix) [Play It Down]

    Here's our 'O&A Warehouse Remix' of Jesse Rose & Brillstein's 'Good Wife' that features on Jesse's 'The Whole Twleve Remixes' package on Pl...

    Mar 12th 11:00am • No Comments

    We have just promo'd the next release [ANR003] on All Night Records titled 'O&A - Your Body EP'. It has already gained early support from Mihalis Safras, Zombie Disco Squad, DJ Mes, Ray Okpara, Slam, Bubba, Brett Johnson and Round Table Knights to name a few. So watch this space :)

    Mar 10th 1:12pm • No Comments

    Here's the soundcloud of 'O&A - Basement Beats EP' on Play It Down OUT TODAY :)

    O&A - Basement Beats EP [Play It Down]

    Eats Everything - "Fucking massive. Basement beats is proper rudebwoy material. All Night is a proper beefcake and 212 is funky as fuck. Very ...

    Dec 3rd, 2013 3:00pm • No Comments

    O&A Date: 5 Years Jackmode, Rote Sonne Munich United Kingdom, Sat 30 Nov http://www.rote-sonne.com/

    Nov 30th, 2013 1:05am • No Comments

    We have a new O&A release out on All Night Records, check it out!!! http://www.beatport.com/release/all-night-with-you/1186467

    All Night With You [All Night Records]


    O&A All Night With You is the second release on O&As recently formed All Night Records, the label started by the guys as an imprint to hustle out their own trax. O&A, aka Osbourne & Anderson, is the collaborative pairing of Louis Osbourne & Jamie Anderson, who formed their musical partnership in 201...

    Nov 11th, 2013 11:45am • No Comments

    Here's the next All Night Records release coming on 11th November.... Check out the P-funk house vibes ;)

    ANR002 - O&A - All Night With You [All Night Records]

    ‘O&A – All Night With You’ is the second release on O&A’s recently formed ‘All Night Records’, the label started by the guys as an imprint ...

    Oct 24th, 2013 12:23pm • No Comments

    ANR002, which is titled 'O&A - All Night With You' is going off to mastering... Should be out in a couple of weeks. What this space!

    Oct 11th, 2013 11:55am • No Comments

    All Night Records shared JESSE ROSE (OFFICIAL PAGE)'s photo.

    Timeline Photos



    Sep 6th, 2013 1:09pm • No Comments

    O&A Date: Made For The Night, Watergate Berlin Germany, Fri 06 Sep http://bit.ly/amfi3K

    Sep 6th, 2013 12:02am • No Comments


    Worldwide Booking Enquiries - julia@jackmode.de

    Press Enquiries - tom.j@remotepress.co.uk

    Contact AllNightRecords - contact@allnightrecords.com


    All Night Records is the brand new label from O&A, otherwise known as Osbourne & Anderson. Having played all night long for many of their club gigs, O&A wanted to keep the same all-in attitude with their own label. Whatever they release, expect to hear it All Night!!

    Although pushing a forward thinking and modern sound, the label is being run with the distinct feel of an underground 90s Chicago house label, putting out tracky club bombs with no fuss or extra hassle. It will be used as vehicle for O&A to hustle their own tracks as soon as they are ready to go. Each release will be hot off the presser, returning to a more old school vibe of promotion that allows the music to speak immediately and completely for itself.

    The first track to surface from All Night Records will be from O&A themselves. ‘Shake It’ is a dancefloor bomb built around a filtered disco bass line, jackin’ beats, a driving groove and hypnotic vocals.

    O&A, aka Osbourne & Anderson, is the collaborative pairing of Louis Osbourne & Jamie Anderson who formed their musical partnership in 2010 from a mutual love of jackin house music. The guys have developed a sound that incorporates Chicago, Techy and Deep House. With releases already out on Play It Down, Made To Play, Jackmode, and more material signed to DJ Sneak’s ‘Magnetic Recordings’ scheduled to come out in August 2013.

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